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Agency Services Food Safety Training

St. Mary’s Food Bank is committed to promoting the importance of food safety and providing appropriate training to our Agency Partners. This training is completed annually by at least one representative from each program at the time of registration or when a change in site personnel occurs. Please review the documentation below to learn more.

Reoccurring Trainings for Agency Partners

St. Mary’s Food Bank Agency Partners are responsible for updating their agreements every fiscal year. This includes the SMFB Partner Organization Letter of Agreement and the Annual USDA Commodity Food Service Application and Agreement, if your agency participates in any USDA programming. In addition, all Volunteer Confidentiality, Civil Rights Training, and Food Handlers Certifications (if applicable) should be renewed each year by any two agency representatives at your organization. All distribution staff/volunteers should be trained on this content throughout the year and documented appropriately. Should these documents expire, or an agency representative is no longer involved in the distributions, it’s your organization’s responsibility to renew your agreements and retrain. If you are involved in Child Nutrition programming, your representative will contact you every year with renewals.

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ServSafe Food Banking Test

There’s three types of Food Safety Training Certifications accepted by St. Mary’s Food Bank. This includes the ServSafe Food Banking Test, an Arizona Food Handler’s Card (FHC), or the Food Protection Manager’s Certification (FPMC). St. Mary’s Food Bank recommends the ServSafe Food Banking Test as this option is available at no cost and has no expiration date.

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