Training & Support

St. Mary’s Food Bank is committed to devoting adequate resources to our Agency Partners to fulfill our obligations with acquisition and equitable distribution of food across Arizona. Proper forms and documentation are available to support your organization with general education, onboarding, and reoccurring trainings. Please review the training materials for each category below to further your understanding and readiness.

Civil Rights Training

Completed annually by all Agency Partners to refresh your knowledge of modern civil rights legislation.

Food Safety Training

Completed annually by at least one representative from each organization to keep our neighbors safe and healthy.

Agency Onboarding

Documents for new Agency Partners to provide your organization with information about the programs you’ll operate.

Link2Feed Support

If you need support navigating or reporting within Link2Feed, please utilize to the documents on the following page.

MealConnect Support

If you need support navigating or reporting within MealConnect, please utilize to the documents on the following page.

Technology Support

If you need with general technology, please utilize to the helpful links and resources on the following page.

smfb volunteers loading car at distribution

Agency Onboarding

The Agency Onboarding education available on our website applies to all Agency Services programs only. Child Nutrition programs have different requirements and processes for onboarding. Please contact your Child Nutrition Representative with any questions.

Reoccurring Trainings for Agency Partners

St. Mary’s Food Bank Agency Partners are responsible for updating their agreements every fiscal year, including the SMFB Partner Organization Letter of Agreement and the Annual USDA Commodity Food Service Application and Agreement, if your agency participates in any USDA programming. In addition, all Volunteer Confidentiality, Civil Rights Training, and Food Handlers Certifications (if applicable) should be renewed each year by any two agency representatives at your organization. All distribution staff/volunteers should be trained on this content throughout the year and documented appropriately. Should these documents expire, or an agency representative is no longer involved in the distributions, it is your organization’s responsibility to renew your agreements and retrain. If you are involved in Child Nutrition programming, your representative will contact you every year with renewals.

Need Help?

Need additional support navigating your training documents? Please do not hesitate to reach out.