Volunteer Resources

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Thank You, Volunteers!

Volunteers create an enormous amount of good for your organization and it’s important to recognize their efforts.


Volunteer Resources

Please review the following documents with all your volunteers and keep records on-sight.

Tips to Celebrating Volunteers

Film a Thank-You Video with Your Staff

Share Branded or Personalized Merchandise

Host a Volunteer Appreciation Event

Create a Photo Book or Scrapbook of Memories

Pass Out Volunteer Certificates of Appreciation

Send Handwritten Thank-You Cards

Upcoming Volunteer Appreciation Events

Volunteer appreciation is a great way to retain those individuals who help your organization grow. Here are some fun events to look forward to.

National Volunteer Appreciation Week
National Volunteer Appreciation WeekApril 2025
Established in 1974, National Volunteer Week is celebrated annually during the third week of April to highlight the importance of every volunteer and the contributions they make in their communities. It’s an opportunity to thank volunteers for their kindness and strengthen relationships on behalf of your organization.
Volunteer Recognition Day
Volunteer Recognition DayApril 20, 2025
Celebrated annually, Volunteer Recognition Day is an opportunity to recognize all volunteers who work on behalf of their community without being motivated by financial or material gain. These volunteers not only offer your organization with a diversity of skills, but they drive your organization forward and advocate for your cause.
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