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Frequently Asked Questions

We’ve created a list of Frequently Asked Questions to allow us to best assist our Agency Partners. If you cannot find the answer to your question, please contact the St. Mary’s Food Bank team in the form above and we’d be happy to help.

Where can I find all forms and documents?2024-02-16T18:17:47+00:00

All forms and documents that were previously found in the Agency Toolkit, can be found on this new website, the Agency Portal. Click the link below or visit the appropriate page within our website to find your required documentation.

As an Agency Partner, what are all my options for programming?2024-02-16T18:29:16+00:00

Thanks for being a dedicated partner of St. Mary’s Food Bank! If you’d like to explore your options for additional programming or learn more about our programs, please visit our Agency Services or Child Nutrition Programs pages or view our Partner Menu below.

I need help with Link2Feed. Who to contact?2024-03-25T22:38:23+00:00

If you need your login information or password reset, please contact our Agency Services team via email at [email protected]. If you need help navigating or reporting within Link2Feed, please connect with your St. Mary’s Food Bank representative and they’d be happy to assist.

What if I need to cancel or reschedule a delivery?2024-02-14T21:24:20+00:00

If you need to cancel or reschedule a St. Mary’s Food Bank delivery, please contact your Agency Services Representative. Please notify your representative at least five days in advance.

Where’s my truck?2024-02-14T21:24:27+00:00

You can generally expect your delivery to arrive within a 2-hour time window. Do not contact your Agency Services Representative to check on your truck’s arrival time until after the scheduled 2-hour delivery window has passed.

Why might my delivery be running late?2024-02-14T21:24:33+00:00

Unforeseen circumstances may arise and delay the deliveries made to your organization. This includes, but is not limited to road closures, mechanical issues, safety concerns, traffic, weather, truck/driver availability, and other stops the truck may be making.

When we are aware a truck will be late, your Agency Services Representative will contact you with an updated delivery time. If you haven’t received a notice and your truck has surpassed the expected delivery window, please contact your Agency Services Representative immediately so they can investigate the issue.

We thank you for your patience and understanding.

How does St. Mary’s calculate the amount of food that is sent to my organization?2024-02-14T21:24:40+00:00

St. Mary’s Food Bank utilizes the chart below to calculate the pallet count per household. Please note, this chart is used to make recommendations only.

Pallet Count Per HH #’s

0-49 HH = (2-4)
50-99 HH = (5-6)
100-149 HH = (7-10)
150-199 HH = (11-12)
200-249 HH = (13-14)
250-299 HH = (15-16)
300-349 HH = (17-18)
350-399 HH = (19-20)
400+HH = (21-22)

What should I do if I receive bad quality of product?2024-02-16T18:30:00+00:00

St. Mary’s Food Bank maintains a 60-40 standard: At a minimum, 60% of produce provided should be appropriate for human consumption; 40% may need disposal. It is the agency’s responsibility to sort and dispose of any product not fit for human consumption.

If you receive product which you feel you cannot store or give out safely, please:

    • Notify the driver that you are unable to accept the pallet. You must accept or reject full pallets in the condition they arrive – you may not choose to keep or reject only certain items on a pallet.
    • On your receipt, make a note of the item you are rejecting and why.
    • Send a copy of your receipt, a picture of the product, and a description of the issue, to your Agency Services Representative within 24 hours.
A neighbor is claiming they got sick due to the St. Mary’s food we served them. What do we do now?2024-02-16T18:22:31+00:00

Your Agency Services Representative will always keep you informed with the most recent FDA recalls, market withdrawals, and safety alerts, which you may view in the link below. If a neighbor claims to be sick from St. Mary’s Food Bank product, please contact your Agency Services Representative immediately.

Does St. Mary’s Food Bank offer any grant assistance?2024-02-16T18:23:12+00:00

St. Mary’s Food Bank may offer support to your organization through our Agency Development Grant. Please visit the Grant Opportunities link below to learn more. In addition, other grant opportunities often arise. Your Agency Services Representative will contact you as these opportunities are available.

What is is St. Mary’s Food Bank’s neighbor resource center. This interactive platform allows neighbors to find food distributions in their area, create custom recipes based on the food they have in their pantry, or provide food distribution feedback. As an Agency Partner, your organization’s distribution information is promoted on through Vivery mapping. You may update your contact information, distribution’s hours, or location by logging in on the link below.

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Marcos GaucinChief Programs Officer
Marcos has been with St. Mary’s Food Bank for 18 years, with the first 12 years in Finance, and the following years with the Programs team, where he oversees our SMFB Skills Center and Agency Programs.
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